Artist, Painter Alex Hamilton
Freqently Asked Questions

For Student Projects

1. Full name?
Alexander Hamilton

2. Where did you grow up?
Near Beaufort West, in the Karoo.

3. School and studying?
Oudtshoorn High School (1997) and a National Diploma in Textile Design at Cape Tecnikon (2000).

4. Why did you choose Textile Design over Fine Art?
At that stage of my life I did not realise that it was possible to earn a living from selling art and a direction in design was a good base to work from.

5. How would you describe your work?
My art is a reflection of my interest in the origin of Popular Culture. I therefore adapt my style and technique of work to suit the specific theme or era that I am working on. My art is a collage of styles but with a personal signature and colour use. My work can be classified in various terms of which Iconography, Nostalgia and Pop Art play the biggest roles.

6. Which artists have influenced you the most?
The iconography in Mexican Art and in particular the paintings of Frida Khalo impressed me enormously on a visit to Mexico in 1996. After this exposure my art definitely started exploring the elevation of the object and also reflected religious iconography. The wonderful exploitation of commercial art and the popular iconography of Andy Warhol have also taught me the use of contemporary and classical symbols. The amazing collage boxes by Joseph Cornell have more recently had an enormous influence on my storytelling as artists. After years of collecting stuff I at last found a medium in which to use it.

7. Apart from art, what else inspires you?
Knowledge, Music, the media, film and travel

8. How has living in South Africa influenced your work?
I think the most evident influence is seen in my use of colour that often have a much more organic feel here than when I paint in Europe. Other influences are reflected in the detachment I have from Euro centric ways of thought and manifests in ways that can be called naïve and primitive.

9. Do you feel attached to your work or is it easy to sell your work?
This varies from exhibition to exhibition. Sometimes I see something in my own work that I relate to on a level of growth that represents a personal accomplishment and I then do not sell it. But there is also the concept that if you get rid of something it opens up a void that can only be filled through growth. This philosophy does appeal to me but sometimes it's not easy to follow.

10. Do you have any of your own artwork that is your favourite?
Yes, but these are favourites for a variety of reasons: "Instruction for a Fallen Angel" furthered my career and artistic techniques on many levels and will always be a favourite.

11. What mediums do you use?
I most often use a combination of collage and acrylics on canvass. These mediums, I have discovered over the last ten years, suit my style and temperament best. I do not use oil paint as it dries to slowly for some of the effects I use.

12. How do you price your work?
My pricing is based on a system that has developed over the last ten years based on my career growth, demand for my work and actual sales.

13. Do you exhibit abroad?
Yes, I have had various international exhibitions with various degrees of success. The most prominent ones were a solo exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany in 1999 and a solo exhibition on Mallorca, Spain in 2001. Other projects include an artist residency in South Ireland and a group exhibition in Taos, New Mexico, USA.

14. Where do you exhibit in South Africa?
Currently I exhibit most often with Knysna Fine Art and at my studio in Cape Town

15. What do you think is the role of art in the world?
I think art is a true reflection of the emotional state of society, and is an inspiring medium of communicating ideas and philosophies of the time, without making it mundane or dictating.

16. Describe yourself in five words
Curios, obsessive, inspired, busy, positive

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