January 2021
Last Dance
February 2020
Prelude to Beauty
January 2019
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
December 2018
June 2018
Angel Killer Cash or Queen
April 2018
A Debris of Divas:
Marie Antionettte and the
recycling of a revolution
December 2015
A Debris of Divas:
Brenda Fassie
Sept 2014
Home is where your art is
Sydney, Australia
October 2013
Almost Everybody in Pretoria
August 2013
Amper Almal
KKNK, Oudtshoorn
March 2013
Prince Albert
Prince Albert
March 2012
Hello Piketberg
September 2012
Both sides of the track
Woodstock, Cape Town
August 2011
May 2010
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trans.gif - 43 Bytes South African Artist-Lots of work for sale
Interested in contemporary South African Art? Meet this fine artist, Alex Hamilton. Famous for his colourful canvasses inspired by his exuberant energy and passion for life and all that surrounds him. Go ahead, have a look..
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